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Subject: Cell Phone Records - How to Get Someones Cell Phone Records Legally?

How to Get Someones Cell Phone Records?

With the growing concern and interest of finding cell phone records, more and more information is coming to the public limelight about how to get someones cell phone records.

Every day in the news you hear about how law enforcement officials have obtained telephone and cellular phone records from terrorists and criminals.

But how do we Civilians do it? First, if you are trying to obtain a cell phone record for a cell phone that you do not own, you will need the target’s personal information.

If you are planning on using an online investigation company to obtain this cell phone record, you will need the target’s full name or their cell phone number, and possibly their cell phone service provider. As long as you have a credit card, and your request for obtaining the phone records is within the laws, they will obtain all the other necessary information.

If you are trying to get someone's cell phone record yourself, you will need to commit an unlawful act of Phishing known as "Pretexting". Please note that "Pretexting" can be considered as a serious crime, and therefore we do not encourage anybody to peform such an illegal act.

Pretexting is when you obtain enough personal information about a person so as to be able to pretend to be them competently over the phone to a customer service representative.

Keep in mind, some cell phone service providers now require that you can answer a personal security question before they can send you copy of the cell phone records to the billing address of the phone account.

In contrast, you can carry out a legitimate online reverse cell phone lookup via the online services, which supplies the cellphone account holder’s name, physical address, and in some cases even criminal backgrounds, for a tiny fee.

It is important to mention that a legitimate cell phone records reverse lookup does NOT involve selling or buying unauthorized cell phone call logs and sms text records.

Keep in mind, this web content is intended as general information about how to get someones cell phone records. The information is prepared with the understanding that you are curious about getting someone's cell phone records, with no intention at all of actually doing it, as it is unlawful. The publisher & content producer are in no way encourage any illegal acts, and therefore do NOT take responsibility of your actions.

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